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Tumor of the pituitary body; thyroidal changes; defective development

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though it has been tightly screwed down in my copying-press for

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Spontaneous Amputation of a Limb in Utero. — From the last

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paroxysm had disappeared at 12 o'clock M. On the 2'7th he was again

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Russell; Dr. Hamilton; Sir. H. S. Heath;; Sir James Paget;

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solely for canning and preserving — nothing else. Have another

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these organisms may receive the opportunity for aggressive

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umbilicus and shortly the skin gave way ; sloughs formed which

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Major Way : When you go back I want you to tell them it was the

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Vomiting is obstinate. Tenderness is present between the xi-

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tributions to the study of this subject. The cerebral

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wounds with which the general surgeon has so much to do, such as

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differentiation of the various lesions, whether single or combined, must be

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fatal to females only, especially during pregnancy. Of thirty pregnant women

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grammes (about ten ounces) of distilled w-ater. Of this solution three

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chronic articular pains, and by suppressing the pain and

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origin. He was seen by a number of eminent surgeons without

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Medical, Fellowship, D.P.H., and Dental Examination Papers :

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No further disturbance has occurred since then, and it must

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many skin conditions that are unmistakably traced to

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ously thrown together. Taylor gives a mortality of 12.5 per cent, in

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presents some points of interest in reference to the question under considera-

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tained sixteen rooms, occupied by six families, but there

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we do not have to observe the scrupulous cleanliness and rigid asepsis

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At first the pulse is full, and not very rapid, varying from 80 to

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death. In the case of plethoric cattle, in hot weather, symptoms

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fourth positions are then obtained as follows : — (3) The examiner

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intervals by a very energetic cold rub with a friction mitten,

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The constricting ligature, the septic, pocketed wound,

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thetic was steadily continued for two hours, when it

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pathologists and serologists that we can obtain an imperfect con-

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as glucose and soda bicarbonate (Fischer's evolution), have value when

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Islington in 1870. It was investigated by Dr Ballard. Between July 3rd

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especially in vegetables, so that in the end experience will have to be

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Systematisclies Lelirbucli d. Balneotherapie. Von Dr. Julius

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naturally depth by breadth or height, is the best artist, as far as concerns

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what raises radium to a higher level than the ordinary caustic

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vanic current in a rald/it's (!ar by staining chloroform with

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at a later period. An emphysematous tendency also results from congestion

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7. In such fractures as arc very liable to cause 3erious

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nevertheless sanctioned and practiced the bloodiest atrocities in the

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