Guest Blogger Kate Fletcher – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

March 21, 2011  

I will keep this brief, as I have already made the introduction to my guest blogger Kate Fletcher, who will be making a regular appearance on the blog; to assist, inspire and entertain! I’m sure you’ll enjoy…

“So here we are, my first guest post on Boho Bride. I hope to offer snippets of advice when organising a wedding, details of the weddings I am planning, lovely vintage things to hire and introducing you to some wedding people along the way.  If you have any questions you would like answering, do send them over. Maybe we could start a questions and answers, I would like a column as an agony aunt!

My subject for this post is a bit of advice -‘don’t sweat the small stuff!’  I once read a book about it to cope with children, but it works equally well for a Bride-to-be.

No matter how relaxed the Bride is, there are always moments when they have a slight meltdown. This is quite normal as there is a lot of pressure in planning a wedding and you want everything to look perfect.  You want everyone to have a great time and secretly you want everyone to be impressed with the arrangements you have made.

You will have planned the wedding down to the last millimetre but it is doubtful your guests will notice every small detail, so a couple of important tips:


Images by Gareth Davies

Don’t tell your guests what they will be doing in advance. It is nice to have elements of surprise throughout the day and if they don’t happen for one reason or another, your guests are none the wiser and don’t execute every wedding idea you see in magazines, less is more and the more you have, the more you are going to worry…

At the end of the day, your friends and family are there because they love you and the odd rain shower won’t dampen their day celebrating with you!”

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