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Knight, of the late Dr. Henry I. Bowditch. The brave, help-

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tracts and the discharge of eequestrums. There were, however,

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Pressure: Normal Atmospheric Pressure, 598; Diminished At-

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adhesions midway up the left costal pleura, between it and the

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27. Yellon DM, Alkhulaifi AM, Pugsley WB: Preconditioning the

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Halskiemenfistel. St. Petersb. med. Wcbnschr., 1887, n.

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loss if we received $57,000 more for it than it could be sold for to-day ; and if it were

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electricity, and by tliis means tliey surchari^e tlie patient.

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lion of tbe upper lid border bv Hotz's metbod. Am. J.

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legislative sanction "microscopically examined" would become the pass-

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and a careful record kept. The patient's weight is the best single criterion

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ance for the probable o^vurrence of a small deposit of tubercle which under-

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in certain rare cases of calcification of the membrane where, as the

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that the contained capillary blood-vessels are equally exposed to

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cle 84.63 125.83 130.57 113.7 12.620 65.4 64.3 65.1 64.9 71.0

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dysentery, and bronchitis. Agchylostomiasis seems to have very

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Test of bleeding 28 — 3 — 14 against serum race, 3,000,000 organisms

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the body, or how it is eliminated, are alike utterly unknown to us.

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temperature, 101.5® F.; he is suffering intense pain. 5 p. m.: Pulse, 78; temperature,

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treated, are, first, impossible of accurate recognition, or, second, im-

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injury to his health and his religion, but even with-

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had had a suspicion of anything moi'e than a trivial disorder.

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devolves on the gaseous fluids, and on the electricity floating in the atmo-