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in Ireland was probably typhus. According to Sir William MacArthur in his "Brief Story

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part of the night, but the patient was relieved toward morning. 12 noon: Pulse, 108;

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conception and practice of sanitary science. This which

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stepped down from the Dean's post, Dr. Kellow said that he took pride

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5. The Status of the Practice of Medicine Thirty Years Ago as Compared with

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matter and its germicidal properties, but also upon its great afiinity

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In farcy — a disease where the lymphatics are inflamed — 1

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none, and tlie water-pox, or glasB-pox, in which tbey are plentifu4. lTi»

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Medical School in 1896, practiced for ten years at Madi-

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often indicates that the genital organs have not sufficiently matured

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lepsy still continues, but is not so marked. The muscular will-power is much

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it is impossible to conquer the /ou.-t tt origo maii. All honour to Radcliffe,

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cessful, in discovering the material necessary to combat them.

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of the ground hypothesis, while the bacteriological school

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