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four hours of her life. The cerebro-spinal fluid was normal, but for a
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most noted instance is the terrible catastrophe of the black hole
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in the lung parenchyma, probably carried over from the bronchi." It is the
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is thrown down, the cuprous hydroxide being held in solution by
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Amylic alcohol, or fousel oil, as it is commonly termed, possesses
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plex, both on clinical and histological grounds. Common eyelid
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Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.
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nually, " About 50 pounds of Calomel, and 1000 ounces of Quinia ;
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rish, M. D. (Reprinted from the Transactions of the Maine Medical Association.)
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history of the little patient's previous exhausting disease, and the
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nor flaws shall afterward appear. You put on the roof,
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ment, as emigration from a relatively rapid current but sparsely
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form ; and, accordingly, the anatomy of the nerves of the brain offered satisfactory proof of
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sufficiently grave to be fatal, but serious enough to cause mental impair-
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Effect of Knots of the Umbilical Cord on the Fetal Circulation 410
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harmony, and happiness. Even if the marriage should
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with the progress of the disease. They are due partly to the incomplete
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For further information, apply to OH AS. FORD, Superintendent, 261 East 1 7th Street, New York City.
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with the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
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tumour hanging from "the crest of the left ilium, and which it was cus-
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that rare, very fatal form, " purpura variolosa," where extensive cuta-
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in the majority of cases, the patient was in his ordinary health and spirits, up to the very
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Irritating discharges may be a factor in the development of
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in cases where the life of the foetus has been long extinct ;
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.-timulants assiduously employed. Died, without a sigh, at 4, P.M.
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solution of aluminic chloride) animalcules appeared on the ninth day. and
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24tA. — Being quite well was discharged this day.
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