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and sooner or later, unless life was terminated by some intercurrent

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alveolar air and the estimation of the carbon dioxid tension in the

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three treatments and in two others it was negative before treatment.

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registered shortly before death. Hun and Prudden 7 mention one case

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Unless there be a concurrent chylous effusion elsewhere, e.g.,

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exophthalmic goitre. Indeed nearly all observers consider the j:>res-

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From the list given in Table 2 the high frequency of involvement

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20. Brewer, G. E., and Wood, F. C. : Ann. Surg.. 1908. xlviii. 889 (containing

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four years prior to this next door to a pellagrin; there was very intimate

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Oppolzer : Allgemeine Wiener medizinische Zeitung, 1861, p. 149.

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naturally changed in some people, and slight deviations are not

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years, but suffered recurrence in 1914, the eighth year of her disease.

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with the clinical manifestations of delirium and coma.

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man, with onset in 1900, recurrences in 1901 and 1902, no recurrence in

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the greatest death rate in the fifth, namely, 27.7 per cent. There were

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When the stenosis lies beyond the valves in the pulmonary artery

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The treatment of pellagra presents two phases for discussion, (1)

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cases one lobe is larger than the other. Where this is the case the

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Craig the lower portion of each cornea was ulcerated. There was no

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at will. On April 1, 15, and May 12 treatments were given; the patient was

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paralysis and dementia praecox, with its bearing on the Abderhalden

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strips from the virgin cat the 1 to 1,000 and the 1 to 500 solutions were without

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the skin are from time to time associated with elephantiasis in the

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trophy develops with it nearly simultaneously. The hypertrophy of

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figures given offer a possible explanation for the fact that positive

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in elements, to the lack of which pellagra may be ascribed. Indeed one

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formations, especially when they consist of days, such as the Oxford,

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lets act much more slowly in forming thrombin than normal platelets.

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twelve patients with definite record, one, or 8.3 per cent., had recur-

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of the sternum and adjoining rib had been eroded, and the skin it-

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7. The strong neutralizing value of sodium carbonate, magnesium

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Mackenzie 12 ° has drawn attention to the similarity between the