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troops little mills, which readily prepared it for infusion. The inge-

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Health Reports.— The following cases of smallpox, yellow

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in which this edifice is erected, than the genius and design so happily

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1395f(b)). The reasonable cost of hospital acute care is generally greater than

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pitals. Many patients are received in a condition so wretched that a

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the desired efiect of removing lameness, but the nutrition of

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showed no efiects of the treatment. No autopsy was made. A cat

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The second, therefore, seems to merit the most favourable verdict, and the

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22nd4 Between the 14th and July 5th, upwards of 1500 persons

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faces, cry out, and place themselves in the most peculiar attitudefi lo

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hour. Eeductases, according to Eiihm, are increased by acid-forming

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dation support, believing coalition building will be

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the causal relation probable, even when allowance is made for the

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Pain originating from the midline is not well treated by

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An electrician said to me : " Suppose you have a patient who is

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fered the life of the prosecutrix in danger. She was still suffering and

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