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Thomas specifies as examples of these the use of the uterine sound,

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ment of their organs of sense. This delicate and unprotected con-

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quired to fill the lungs, but would say that it never would

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other soft pot herbs, are excellent laxatives. If the above

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and neiglibouring organs ; but wlietlier the condition is due to

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we know from experience, and it must be remembered morbid

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were expelled the nest when the young cuckoo was in possession.

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the Perineum," Dr. James Fraunfelter ; report of cases,

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as utterly impossible. The palliative operation of gastro-

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Washington the presidents of the various State Medical Societies

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ask this question — whether there are other additional eh-ments

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results of treatment we find many things corresponding

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favorite amusements are visiting the Victoria Theatre and pitching pennies, It

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matters affecting the purity and potency of these products, examina-

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terminated by the occurrence of a decided frost, because the fall plants that

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time. That this is, however, a rare complication of the disorder

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Somnambulism often appears in the great hysterical attack, as

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tissue was filled with small dark— I had almost said gritty-

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owing to tlie long interval between the primary growth in the arm and

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In the third class are to be placed those cases in which signs

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ing the lesion dependent on inflammation from others which simulate it,

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boring a slumbering volcano which may burst into activity upon the

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been cultivated. It appears to us that a very promising field

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pertaining to parts in which leprous deposit is present

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upon adults, with their own consent, and when it is a necessity.

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Sept. 22. — Vision of right f g; field contracted in all directions. Left,

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If incomplete in both extremities, the degree of paralysis is generally

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of the brain, such as might be attended with great vascular congestion of

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The shape of the aperture in the seat of the stool or closet should be such as

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piosaliiingite. Incurabili. ^apoli, 1895, x, 577-585,— Bor-

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