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sound judgment. The need of a cheerful disposition in the sick

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groups (in line three). It is clear, as judged by an r = -t-0.522

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ensue, a binder was put on tightly, and the fundus uteri supported

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tions of Gerhard and Pennock, which have resulted in establishing, as we

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the Yon Qraef e test we find that the upper lids do not lag as the

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the cause of tlie lesions, if possible, the writers instituted

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to produce this result is the State medical law, for in

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Cultures prepared from the different lobes in the manner described for No. 440

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ning, and to establish instead a practice of emptying the bladder

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therefore it was not from brain-disease that he murdered his

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Naval Examining Board, Washington, D. C., November 1.

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THROAT, SORE,— The following treatments have been

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By B. E. Brodhurst, M. D., &c. London: Churchill, 1855. Fcap. 8vo. pp. 66.

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tril is soon succeeded by a very abundant secretion, a colorless, trans-

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The seeds collected from these two divisions I sowed again, in

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ately preceded it. To this morphological and functional activity

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was one of the most clearly established of the phenomena of

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variance with this opinion. The following instance, among others, justifies my

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and the other subjective symptoms aggravated. There may be slight

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should know the serious nature of the disease he has

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for any one who was not familiar with our regulations would

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toxic, and the microbic. A functional disturbance in

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of) ; Femur (Fracture of, Complications, etc., of) ;

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ved ; viz., that the fluids of the serous membranes

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Toronto TTnlverslty Items. — Convocation of all depart-

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though the record of it has been mislaid. Fortunately, such severe hem-

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liquid should be placed in an earthenware plate or dish, and

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nitric acid (specific gravity, 1.42). The solution is diluted with 1 or 2 parts of water,

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matica. Ann.diottal., Pa via, 1895-6, xxir, Su|)pl., 5. Also:

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cedures, we are at utter variance, so utterly at variance, indeed,

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With this showing where climatic influences favor the disease, we have a