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of treatment with the accuracy of a scientific experiment.
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and 68° F., will more than compensate for the steam
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been much pleased with it. When the appendix is in the normal position
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I am, therefore, inclined to advise delay until after
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unfortunately contented himself with a bare removal of the tumor. In the
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very much in the same way as the diphtheria bacilli
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which repeated examinations were possible, a definite typhoid reaction
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In Case V., in a multipara who had lost three children, the simple flat
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cases of appendicitis, seen while the infection is still
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muscular sensibility, equilibrium, smell, and taste by Prof. Sewall, of
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by mouth. Two patients were given, besides, a quart
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cent. ; dead, 10, 14.3 per cent. ; untraced, 13, 18.5 per
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mikroskopischen Technik. In Verbindung mit Prof. Dr.
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the constitutional diseases of which syphilis stands at the head of the list
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in the transmission of infection. The results of in-
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superficial sutures .should be of either silkworm or
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pearing under pressure, and lasting for from ten to fifteen days. It appears
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in olive oil is a fine medicament which may be freely
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nently to be relied upon when you are in a position
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The patient with sore throat must use handkerchiefs
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years, who appeared in August, "1892, with a growth the size of a bean, of two
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studied the saliva and sputum of fifty-three patients
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adrenal gland and superior surface of the kidney. The right lobe of
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which the serum of the patients caused marked clumping of the typhoid
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The epiglottis was free, but the ventricular bands were affected with the