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18. A Case of Pain in the Bick and Weikuess of the Lower

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“Beacon Lights In Alabama” by Dr. L. L. Hill from a 1931

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as we now turn him out, would be a living voice for health,

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this country, there had certainly been sporadic cases for many years, l:)ut such

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if not entirely, by inoculation, the principal agent of

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accordance with the scientific reasons and data given, for he does not

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concerning Malarial Fever, commenced in 1856, will furnish data for careful comparison

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(7) Mosos Pit, a celebrated London bookseller, and publisher of " The

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casts may be dissolved by the presence in the urine of some pepsin-like body,

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needs $26,000,000 to carry on its vital program of education, research and service.

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reason and a free will, and can not be displayed but by the healthy

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cer at Sandia Base Hospital, Albuquerque, in pedia-

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undergone in the blood any change. According to Frerichs, it is converted

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Whether this be the true explanation or not, it is quite certain that the small

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Ground wheat and barley compared with shelled corn for pigs.

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was continued for some time. Later he was given ars., and the

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present sudden impulsive outbreaks of mania ; the truth being that such

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agents of great power for harm, as well as for goo'd,

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those reported by Charteris ; in fact, my results have rather stimulated

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collected by Frerichs, were the kidneys in this first stage, the

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Kiichenmeister,! after an exhaustive examination of the almost innu-

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tissue, hepatized and (Edematous, without any defined boundary. In a

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the subject by cases occurring in his own and in the

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12. Sobczyk WL, Solinger RE, Rees AH, et al: Transtelephonic