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are normal. The myocardium is dark and firm. There is a white clot in the

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* Press article from the Bureau of Animal Industry. U. S. Department of Agriculture.

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Xext, the nei'vous centers can be brought to their senses

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pellagra in 1913 and the children all play together. Two other children,

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Medical School, Boston. New (3d) edition, thoroughly revised. In

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Birch-Hirschfeld includes under the name pya)mia " all cases in which

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was the oldest surviving member of the Medical Society of the

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A ProMed system can help save time and money with these convenient features:

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indications are: Pressure, as if from a atone in tlie pit of the stomachy or

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tincture was soon preferred in cases of threatening abortion. The author

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•veihs tind *>r tictifee lAtebit^k, ^k^^ii^ is #wt^^y 1>0i?Si»t<e^ by

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and women of llaltimore, there is now given the opportu-

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and is saying, " I will hear no evil." No. 3 has his mouth

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water were formerly used, hot water is now found to

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plan to test an asymptomatic high-risk individual should at a minimum notify the person and optimally

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with a case which had been recited during the evening,

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started, and for a time maintained, comes originally from the payment

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ends the scene, the mental faculties remaining clear until

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of hypersBmic spots of about a line in diameter, which gradually increase

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common. The following case and radiograph sIioav the small amount of

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„ (d.) F. trispinulosa of the dog ; found by Gescheidt in the

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derungen des menschlichen Geschlechts, aus der Geburt,

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ain as the language of its court and legal tribunals was

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plant. With routine examinations in large numbers and

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we have any details we find the following results :

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females, found pathogenic bacteria in twenty-four per cent, of the cases.

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