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usually associated with the presence of bacteria, while that of gout is

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neurotic deafness is much more common. The auditory nerve is liable

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other hand, it may exist without demonstrable disease of the optic nerves.

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of the food ; but a full discussion of the various dietaries to be used would

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and neck and of the left arm follows. The orifice of the innominate,

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in ninety-five cases treated medically being nearly fourteen per cent.,

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ficial than the external application of cold. If used at all, they should

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cal patients. Most, if not all, of these high records have been due to

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diffused or localized, and which is characterized by swelling and discolora-

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supposing that there is a true brain congestion. It is commonly relieved by

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rants it is essential to avoid disturbing the digestion, and also to vary the

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of an old tuberculous process, which may be sometimes so extensive as to

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mention. The question of contagion or non-contagion was, at the

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borne. A warm thick mucilage of flaxseed or pure linseed oil is often

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Aortic insufficiency usually exists without symptoms for many years,

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be used with great caution, but in many cases the patient should be

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and cysts pressing on the spinal cord cause paralysis, while hydatids of

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fered with, except by the difficulty in retaining the food between the

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situated in the outer extremity of the front of the horns (the last two

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dose shall be taken from eight to ten and the last dose from four to

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Turkish bath once a week, even if there be no very pronounced symp-

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constitution, if not the scrofulous lesion, is due to the early lodgement

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chronic disease, all die from cholera in extraordinary proportion.

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which might, by breaking up an adhesion, stir up a slumbering inflam-

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enviable antecedents entitle his productions to entire respect and con-

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PROGNOSIS. Alcoholic insanity usually gets well if the symptoms are

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ularly where there is exposure to cold and wet, insufficient or improper

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odorized tincture may be given by the mouth, but at least the alternate

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by Jaccoud as occurring in infants and young children, and regarded by

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of the common bile-duct is afforded by abundant undigested muscular

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information on citalopram side effects

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found at the apex of the left ventricle, although sometimes observed in

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vesicles are brilliant, rarely umbilicated, surrounded by a reddish areola,

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malleolar, internal popliteal and posterior tibial nerves ; and the external