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It is easier to maintain good health in the tropics than in the United States,
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When diffuse pulmonary gangrene arises from pneumonia, we
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made at the office of the Commissioners of Charities and Correction. The
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welts and swelling began to disappear, but about three days after the sting an
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at length later. The ulcerations as reported by Strong, Sakurane and
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myself as often as I have looked in the laryngoscope, has materially
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and to expose themselves to cold, they grow feverish, thin, and pale,
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Aet. II. — RemarJis on Strictures of the Urethra of Extreme
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nitrate of potash, calomel, of the bitter and soluble extracts, of emetics
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cancer of the stomach from chronic catarrh is easy. If these symp-
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more, as the faecal mass often contains cells which, under the microscope,
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we forget that there may be more than one tape-worm in the intes-
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And this observation is fully confirmed by Dr. Theophilus
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The jaundice in pylephlebitis also, and even some of the cases
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* Lemiere, G., and Becue, G. M6thode de coloration de Factinomyces. Bull.
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portant part in their production, as it is found that degeneration of the
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see, the liver is increased in size, particularly in thickness ; its perito-
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It is to be regretted, also, that the author has not included, so far as
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not very vascular in heart and lung disease. It is even more remark*
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laborious) investigations have hitherto been totally neglected,
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as we make in blowing upon wind instruments or in straining, is to com-
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born patients showed a higher percentage of infection than did any other nation-