Victoria and Nat’s Norfolk Coast Engagement Shoot

November 25, 2010  

It was a real treat to see this gorgeous engagment shoot pop up in my inbox the other day. The rain was torrential outside and yet, when I first glanced at these pictures I was immediately immersed in the beautiful surrounding of the Norfolk Coast.

I adore the way that Johanna Garlike of Summer Love Photography has captured the light. It makes me feel really calm, like she’s bottled up the essence of the coast on a crisp, wintry day. And what a beautiful couple…

“This is my first year of wedding photography after 3 years of location and portraits and i am falling in love with weddings more and more each time ive been lucky enough to photograph a couples happy and wonderful day!

I had completed lots of ‘couple’ portraits over the last few years but this was my first ‘official’ engagement shoot – i was sooo excited and especially so as they had requested for it to be at Hunstanton on the Norfolk Coast. One of my favourite places and a place i have been going to since a child on family day trips! Turns out it was also somewhere that Victoria and Nat came to both as children and now also as a couple.

Victoria and Nat currently live in Bedford but spend alot of time in Hunstanton and love its seaside charm. We all spoke passionatly about the vast beach, the beach huts, the sand dunes, the beautiful orange cliffs and finding starfish and crabs in the rock pools!

The original day to take the photographs – the weather was not on our side – torrential rain, grey clouds and freezing cold – luckily we all had the space to put it off until the next day and wow! what a good move – it was a beautiful October day, lovely blue skies, warm sunshine and a nice feel to the day.

Taking photographs of Victoria and Nat was a dream – it was so clear how much they adored each other – subtle little looks, holding hands, Nat brushing Victoria’s hair out of her eyes, smiles and sneaky kisses and cuddles! Sometimes it felt as though i was imposing on their own moments and that’s what I’ve aimed to capture with their engagement portrait.

Victoria & Nat are tying the knot in Lapland with close family and then plan to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family here in the UK - I am really looking forward and feel honoured to share and photograph their winter wedding celebrations in Bedford at the Swan Hotel - Fingers crossed for the white stuff!”


7 Responses to “Victoria and Nat’s Norfolk Coast Engagement Shoot”
  1. Juliet McKee says:

    Awww…I love the shot with the ring in the shell, that’s just magic.

  2. admin says:

    Me too – that’s my favourite x

  3. Stephen Mole says:

    Fabulous photos with a really different ‘feel’ to the norm. They certainly capture the unique atmosphere of the Norfolk Coast and will make great memories for the lovely couple.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Stephan…we were really spoilt with these images today. Breathtaking!

  5. wendy nuccoll says:

    these photos made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, cant wait to see there wedding shots…such a lovely looking couple..

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Wendy – I feel the same way!

  7. Jeremy Gilson says:

    Lovely photographs, they have such a great look and feel to them. Like a couple of others have said my favourite is the ring in the shell.

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