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Edward Eixdfleisch, O. O. Professor of Pathological

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amelioration of all the toxic symptoms ; second, those in which there

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fore, with undisguised regret, to an a])])eal to further inquiry, and moved that

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opened Maternity and Gynaecological departments. For

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Report of postmortem examination, December 24, 1909, four

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panied by an amount of pain, for which it is difficult to account ; and it

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Surgeon 39th III. Vol. Infantry, and Chief Operating Surgeon 24th Army Corp*

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to that of a deep mahogany red. The acini are darker in hue than the inter-

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a resultant flexion of the thighs on the pelvis and the legs on the thighs.

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surface of the kidney, through the stellula3 Verheynii, to the capsule and

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Oct 1 1 Tumor Board - 8:00 AM; Fort Meade & Hot Springs Info: Sharon Sulzbach, 347-7145.

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mittee direclng their attention to all the multifarious subjects

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petri dishes with porous earthenware covers in order to avoid the spread-

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like this, which, instead of an aid, is a hindrance to the spread of real

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veins are situated eccentrically in a more or less misshapen lobule; many

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laires. I,you med., 1888, Ivii, 437; 525; 559'; .598. Also:

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In the cases in which the actinic rays were excluded Corlett thinks favor-

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Chronic Diarrhea may follow frequent attacks of acute. In

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is when the agglutination curve is ascending. The agglutinins

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quickly becomes painful ; and these are rather less likely

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supported by the results of the anatomical studj' of the disease.

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these that constitute the chief indications for the scientific practitioner.

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body, and the stethoscope is to be applied posterior to the sterno-cleido-

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or through the intervention of some scanty adhesive material. It needs

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noisy, eructations and borborygmi, is of considerable value in the diagnosis

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spontaneous recovery immunity from relapses has been acquired. On

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