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pounded ice to the upper part of the spine, continued persistently

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(S) special complications; and (9) the long course with slowly progressive

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tional, in which case complete recovery is probable, or

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signify increase in the total amount of oxalic acid, and

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fixed by two .steel bonnet-pins and brought out of the lower

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Villette, sixty-six persons out of six hundred and fifty inhabitants

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I. AVhat then, in law, constitutes the carnal knowledge of a

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covery from the anaesthetic sleep, was two minutes ;

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or fibroid tumors. In menorrhagia the patient is almost always

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tines of the cow, an organism which he named B. enteritidis. This

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mitral valve into cartilage or bone, which by its gradual

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insured lives as compared with the whole population,

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side air to make the breathing of outside nightair im-

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Nashville, 1886, 117. — Home (E.) Arthritic posterior

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their food for a short time, although Kussmaul explains

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teric glands, which were not usually enlarged in typhus

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prophylaxis, are, nux vomica or strychnia in small doses, arsenic, small

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oesophagus or stomach becomes connected with the pleural

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and 1)^71. The population of IJublin is taken as stationarj'.

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Leprous Immigrants.— An alarming increase of pauper

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largely predominates over those from any other disease.

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slow fire, and stir them constantly until they are cold

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between them, and varied his position until both the sounds

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in our opinion, has not been surpassed, for malignity of purpose or

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confined to the febrile stages, and was, as a rule, worse in the initial

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lapsed, and I was not certain but that I made out some

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chloroform, and, while he did so, I kept dilating the distensible os

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known fact that in some European countries the possession of

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* Read before the Kentucky State Medical Society, at Shelbyville, June 7, 1^94. For discussion see p. 153.

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side of the neck, ending upon the extensor surface of the upper ai-m,