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an adult. For a child they used a knife with a narrow blade, and for

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the sinus. It was considered that the ductus communis choledochus

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of the examined cannot be always a fair one, although the examiner

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contains a clause specially providing for dissolution : and that B. has made over-

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of the Professional Examination for the Degree of M.D., or Master in

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resident Dressers are elected half-yeariy. They are provided with

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whom also Candidates must, at the same time, send the examination-

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years, will be given in October 1S70, Candidates must be Matriculated Students ot

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industrious man as insuring him the credit due to him ; while very shame,

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Section to jom with him in returning their most grateful thanks to the

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present war comes to be written, its pages will be as full of painful evi-

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here. 1 he surgical staff on the dressing-place is to be divided into

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influence the making of laws for the improvement of the medical pro-

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Surgeon-General (official letter to United States' Secretary at War,

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Fleet Street, on Saturday, Oct. 15, at 7.30 p.m., when an address will

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of the meeting was commenced by resolving that the November meet-

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on the girl going into the country, but on the treatment being renewed a

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morbid poisons. The distinguished author of the Address in Medicine

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during at least six months, x. Every Candidate who has prosecuted

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varieties of distribution exist which will, to some extent, account for

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the bougie olivaire, as used by Mercier. With this operation a bad

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studied Practical Pliarmacy during three months. II. r)f having

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dence by itself of the badness of examinations, "coaching" being quite

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valid lift which has been exhibited by Mr. Stump for some weeks at

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So far for the matter of Dr. Balfour's letter, with which, except as

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vegetable and animal life. Observation and registration of epidemic

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purpose at each place.— The Certificates of attendance on the several Courses of

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dressings, cleansed the wound, and applied a hand-splint and carbolic

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itis following iridodesis. The inflammation was arrested by iridectomy;

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Newcastle, and were received by Mr. Welford, Dr. Blumer, Mr.

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at towns en route, which receive a telegram announcing the approach of

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have in view the twofold objects of prevention as well as cure. His

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been hit by the projectiles of the needle-gun. Unless they strike full

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mittee, which had to the best of its abilities and judgment done all

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It is most desirable that the proprietary schools should unite with that

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states that none of his patients, five in number, had any pain of the