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that with them the frequenc\- of skin complications

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his arrival, when he found the patient unconscious ;

dutasteride hair loss side effects

detachment or to folding of the retina. His cases were believed to belong

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Annual Report, May 17, 1909, to March 15, 1910, with Sec-

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that much can be done by both local and general therapeusis to mitigate and

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with seropurulent fluid, except within the region of the

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Abnormalities of "internal secretion" are correctly regarded as the

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Every physician probably has seen cases of chlorosis in which the body-

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bit of cotton, produced anaesthesia in from eight to ten minutes, which lasted

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territory of Uganda promptly fallen into line in the

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0. If certain leucoplastic epitheliomas of the tongue resemble ordinary

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are the real and actual modes of infection commonly spoken of as

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ally suffering from suppurative disease of the middle ear is probably not

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almost moribund, free pus in the peritoneal cavity, coils injected and

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given by the "open" method — the verdict was to the

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but no attacks after marriage ; father had a brother who

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the word, associated with very infrequent hard motions,

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clearly the scope of sanitary regulation in the pre-

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the shaft. The osteoperiosteal flaps may be formed from one or both lateral

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Jefferson ^Medical College, Philadelphia. Volume V.

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Suggs, Frank, Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. Re-

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of communication with the outer world in the person whose perception

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13. The Organization of Medical Literature. By Bo.\s.

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stomach. According to Tcheisow^, it stimulates the pancreatic and biliary

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matter and in his first chapter to enter into the very heart of his subject

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14 Health Department of Antidiphtheric serum and antitetanic se

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costal pleura and produced a traumatic pneumothorax ; the wound was,