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tion in five cases. In one case there was a question as

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that the deformities of the toes for which the shoemaker is

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sweating and symptoms of collapse. At the same time the fre-

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of that fluid, and imperfect growth of the tissues. Moreover, when,


Tube. Arch. f. Gynaek., Berl., 1898, Ivi, 83-86. — Scoit

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It would appear that in scarlatina and fever, the poison of the disease

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Jlrsenic, though not a new remedy in chronic diseases of

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West Firle Union.— Ucmy C. Holman, M.E.C.S. Eug., L.S.A., to the

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Palpation of the lumbar region showed the left kidney to be a

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noihing, not even a retained testis, in the ^ and was very small and imperfectly deve-

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ance for the care of the sick and injured, magnificent rooms, well heated

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flesh brush, or even a coarse towel, is also an important

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is apt to linger, preserving for a long while its vital prop-

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fever at the Roosevelt Hosi>ital for 10 years, the

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dermatitis does not, in the reviewer’s opinion, pre-

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fer in their sensitiveness must be borne in uiind, and the olfactor

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1 pi.— Wynu (F. B.) Tubercular sypbilide of lower lip

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pital took place in the hospital building on the afternoon of

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position it occupied in the system of the University. Some

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and encourages perspiration; all of which are, in a degree, necessary

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