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turer on the Principles and Practice of Physic at the Westminster

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shortly before bed-time, is necessarily productive of

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paralysed muscle. Thus a drop-wrist or a paralysis of the extensors of

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Council, 607 ; Carpenter, Dr. A., on drainage, 287 ;

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the advent of epidemical disease. It is rather when a country

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yellow speck at the top is seen. This spreads and finally ' breaks,'

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details, and I am free to confess that I attribute much of the success of the anti-

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uppkomsten af hydrosiilpinx. [Recherches exp6rinienta.

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that keep it alive. Only so far as the growth of civilization is a growth in

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treated by a physician ? Such Insanity should be dealt with as

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common. On mttcuUaium inspiration is found to be short and feeble, and

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Department of the Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital.

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leur animale et sur la fifivre. physiol. nornr. et

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sanatorium is people leaving against medical advice.

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have sprung up at all points of the compass in its neighborhood, the

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I T , 61g , b ? n T W6re C ° m P lete ' exce P tin g the right thigh-

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“The state board of medical examiners, either with or

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the head, loss of sight, and fits in which he used to clench his hands." On

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de chir. Proc.-verb. [etc.] 1894. Par., 1895, viii. 466-471.—

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complained of pain in the right iliac region on pressure, and after careful

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of the vacuum is under the control of the operator, who eap

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continuous labor — he insisted that I should still wait awhile

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cases they are easily and certainly preventable. The essential cause is

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to his home. He was now allowed to sleep half an hour at a

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more widely prevailed among the better class of the profes-

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there is dyspnoea, the urine is scanty and albuminous, the effusion in-

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