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edge of this wonderful piece of mechanism, the more he per-

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lower cervical region (the air of the room being lower

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designated representative rather than the individual.

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differentially about the time that Weigert gave his method to the public.

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and the same signs observed, except that no crepitus

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many good quaUties of the deceased, particularly instancing

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Each year an outline of work to be undertaken in the insti-

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1/200 per cent, solution kills the diplococci outright. If now the

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the dimensions of the stomach,, but also to diagnose,

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Radiated bundles, mixed with q^ ^^^Q addition of potass, become dissolved into a

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account of some cases in which myocarditis occurred. In Leyden's cases,

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The motive of the article is to present a strong convic-

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Table III. — Effect of Retained Uterine Secretion upon the Ovaries.

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'tate. They merely show what is very well known to, and admitted by

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scrofulosis also favor the development of phthisis. In the

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permission: — An army surgeon, who has since died of cholera in

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stretcher liberally with a number of blankets, a mattress, or similar

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it could just as well be given. To a certain extent this is true, but, on the

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examination alone, without at the same time knowing any

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comfort. The sac was opened and was found to contain free

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of nearly three thousand cases recorded at the Cancer

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of perception may be brief, its partial absence or deficiency con-

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during which he exhibits certain definite symptoms. After a shorter

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other cases, and these three were the only ones known in the

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hearts ever grow in courage and in kindliness. Strive to discover the true

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conditions. In rapidity of progress the outbreaks exceed that of any