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Enstis, R. s. aad Suits, R. H. Report of progress in
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4,481, the attendances on out-patients 12,080, the operations
dulcolax suppository pregnancy
before the usual course of the disease, in consequence of the
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this can best be accomplished by the hypodermic use of morphin. The
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aviator striking his head against the cowl. It was suggested that
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the point of discontinuing them, but the patient flat-
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of arthritis.'® Psychological disturbances in response
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the diagnosis is rendered certain, if there be also vomiting of blood.
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Tr. Am. Ophth. Soc. Haitford, 1888-90, V, 26-33. Also, Re-
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several nodules on the under surface of the liver to the right
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American Editor) comprehending memoirs on the anato-
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pole of the uterus is tilted back, turning on a tranverse axis in the
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DYSTROPHY of the hand. Vasospastic (abstract): S/32
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into it from above, became distended to not more than one-third to
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eye-balls were turned to the right. This lasted for
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when coaxing the back of a cat while it is purring with pleasure.
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intelligent of all animals, the horse ; but they do not ad-
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by any means of staining which we possess; and under
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possible. In cases of moderate intensity the spontaneous movements
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may also be present in these more circumscribed cases.
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was worse, not improved in a single respect; the mor-
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once. The femur was then abducted and everted, the capsule
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induce some of our Continental colleagues, all of whom have
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the attack, but it also fortifies the patient against the after-consequences—
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profession. "We shall furnish in our next issue a brief sketch
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The high temperature is bogus, because it is simply the result of a sud-