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slow way in which the paralysis came on, first involving the right arm
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is generally considered to be a "recoil elevation," coinciding with
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pleural cavity presents conditions favorable for the accumulation
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more individually affected. The embryonic infiltration collects more readily,
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vacua, not to mention the use in quantity of resistant metals unavailable
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The use of the X-rays in the treatment of malignant
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culous meningitis than in epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis.
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brought to 62° Fahr. if the weather was cool, and to 58° if
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well. The temperature was normal and remained so throughout the
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injection and that of the virulent viruQ. This indicates, as
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kerchief used for that purpose alone. On your return home
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externe at the clinic or at the daily hospital visit of
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advance the existing knowledge of midwifery or even to
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the soreness and reduces the swelling. This treatment may be used
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Though these doctrines are entirely new, and may appear to some
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amusement, and wholesome diet. But of far greater importance than
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newer sanitary ideas have been put into practice and
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and inflammation of the part must be counteracted by leeches,
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patient; the tissues of the body were sleazy in texture
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in rapporto col parassita della malaria. Lavori d. Cong,
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to be 500. A distinction is made between true and false diaphragmatic
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Fifteen per cent gelatin in water, fair growth, not heavy, white; liquefaction
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progressive liver disease, since minor alterations of fluid and electrolyte balance may pre-
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tisch, for they regard the bladder as the seat of the soul.
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137 to 140 C. etc., and noting the line at which ebullition occurs).
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subject. He explains the occurrence of many of the attacks of peritonitis
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danger of the symptoms depend of course on the number of worms pre-
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ness of sight, double vision, and even total blindness have been known
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Annexed is a summary of the number of private and pau-
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As to the sez of the patients, 93 were men and only 7 were women.
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Notb.— The figures 1 denotes the data for January, * for year to date.
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ber (V.) of Midler's Archiv, from which the present article was taken. — TV.
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entery is in no way related to diphtheria of the throat ;
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In no acute case with abscess ought the rectal examina-
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order to examine the pupils she shuddered, knit her brows, and held both
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that the nitrate of silver ointment, or drops, should be used for
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being cleansed in the mean time. The several patients upon
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reach 102° or 103°, and the efflorescence may be as general over the body
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call on him for medical advice, and he soon had as much professional
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ach : there will be a relish for the coarsest article of
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bilirubin calcium and cholestearin. Prolonged intervals between
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tino- off all effort of the will, lea\dng it under the control of
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about one of these opportunistic infections or tumors.