Focalin Strattera

will refer to the accompanying illustrations (Figs. 219, 220).

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In addition, Courses 201, 307, and 320 must be satisfactorily completed, together with

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ischuria or complete anuria. Eecently we have seen acute sublimate poi-

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Medicine or Clinical Medicine; Practical Anatomy — a course of the

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professional pupil; and shonld any snoh candidate present himself and gain

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James Roy Blayney, S.M., D.D.S., Professor of Dental Surgery.

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The instruction in the Normal School is arranged in such a manner as to give

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recovery. A number of traumatic and neuritic paralyses can be cured only

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examinations of the urine, we can easily prescribe the correct diet for the indi-

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conditions (especially in children), which were undoubtedly to be regarded

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to practice dentistry unless he is registered under this Act

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paralyses. Periostitis at the base of the skull or in the orbit may also cause

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adding to the urine about one tenth of its volume of the following solution

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[Babinski has shown that this ataxia is due, at least in part, to the fact that

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for Yaccination, £1 Is. The following hospitals in proximity to the

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a suitable organization, with which, however, every normal child is endowed

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sults are not the same in all cases. Sometimes we see a most striking recession

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Laving conformed to the regpilations which were in force at the time

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a result immediately after the sitting. Hysterical anaesthesia may often he

focalin strattera

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