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abscess of the spleen. Ascites may also be present.

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Cremation. — It will interest cremationists to hear that

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without a protruding globe. Now, taking the results of Proftjssor Claude Ber-

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great physiologic systems — the digestive, the nervous,

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after at least a trifling sense of malaise of a I which were heightened by combination

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nance on i)ercu89ion, showing the presence of intestine posteriorly in the

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The organs composing the digestive system suffer from the congestion

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that the arteriosclerosis, nephritis, and perihepatitis may be due to the

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Acquapendente. " His namesake is known as "Fabricius

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Treatment. — Frequently there is an evident impairment

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be no question concerning the propriety of removing the abnor-

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antiseptic precautions are impossible because of the primitive

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This mode of considering the result is independent of the

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softer parts of the tumor were found to be composed

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This situation — and many others like it — brings up

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renal insufficiency. If the latter exists toxemia is very probably

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the same with babies, in whom vomiting is so frequent that it is often

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Dislocation of Tendons, — M. Jarjavay observes that, while it is

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abnormal growth of hair on the legs. I know of no special odour

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Or, again, the headache and vomiting of an acute glaucoma.

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there is an abundant flow of gastric juice, and all the pills arc

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in Uganda found that Glossina palpalis could convey the trypanosoma

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1. Six thousand grammes raised to 212° Fahr. in thirtj-five

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sometimes cheesy and easily removed, sometimes creta-

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operation had led him to success in spite of a method which more recent expe-

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cannot flush the colon, at least I have never done it." He told

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For whole alimentary tract, there is only one tumor of im-

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atrophy of the organ was not so great, whilst traces of tubercular infil-

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show that the liver is implicated in lead eolie (hepatic insufficiency). The

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also urgently requested that those who are preparing

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