Physiology Of Differin

the change with little trouble. If the descent or ascent
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tne former visitations of the disease^ which always first appeared at
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of the retina and choroid and atrophy of the optic nerve and
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week in November, when the disease entirely ceased, amounted to
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Chronic Bronchitis. — Persons coming to the doctor
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preceding case. The lobules, however, were smaller, less transparent,
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University, found that a simple breathing exercise cor-
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specimens which remain, exhibit the greatest neatness, display in the most
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some instances one or other side was more involved than the oppo-
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Atlantic, and follow it to two points, far apart from each other, on
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read No. 1 J&ger. Loss of sight is an oculist's, not a physician's, symptom. It
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in the spaces, one would expect to find something unnatural in
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lial cells, and whilst the latter soon disappear in a solution of bichro-
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across the floor with some assistance, and can use her hands.
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crease of the tumour is peculiar to the serous membrane. The
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affscted limb, Mr. Marsh found that when the weight was raised,
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By thus substituting hippurate of soda, a salt of easy solubility, for the very
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and elsewhere is a distinct contributing cause of "colds,"
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spinal paralysis. Its beneficial effects here, though not as manifest as in
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upon the patient's occupation, age, and physical condi-
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less than an inch in diameter, should be held bj' an assistant so as to condense
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think, of considerable interest. Still, for my own part, I am not at
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producing coed together with a higher form, the Enda-
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of occasionally producing inebriation, there were 66, viz., 46 males and 20
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As an hypothesis for discussion, we see no great objection to
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ducing a trocar, a large quantity of very fetid gas, producing a
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primitive cylinders differs completely from that of M. hejAis.
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lai^e cavity or blood-space results. A blood-space in an angioma
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eating, eating irregularly, eating improper articles, eating
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recommends caution not to carry it too far in the first instance, as there may be
physiology of differin
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even under the best of circumstances, it is not so easy to stir the blood as to get
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less quickly by irido-cyclitis, producing blindness of the eye operated