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Here is a query for the ophthalmologist: " What is more
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State intended these institutions should receive, deserves
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It was the retraction of the palate which was the difficulty ; it was not so
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gravity and the danger ; but, by perseverance in the judicious employment
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bearing upon the contagious nature of the above disease.
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applied the term " Beklemmung," which signifies that the feeling was
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OS uteri ; at first you cannot find it, and yet it is there, pulled up above
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growth, or in the removal of the horns by some surgical oper.
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or cure convulsions. Bat I apprehend that great good will result from the presentation
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pain ; even combing the hair in a contrary direction,
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gin on which he had successfully operated. The supposed
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Britain show that the proportion of insane to the whole
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already enlarged, it is probable that the loss of but
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disease and predisposes to it, but the evidences of malarial infection in
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as the splenium of the corpus callosum. The optic radiations were, how-
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whole sexual apparatus must stimulate into growth what is in readiness for
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operation, it seems to me, is not worth considering.
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one angle of the mouth had also healed. The surface of the
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DAvmsoN, M.A., M.B., Assistant-Physician to the Children's Hospital,
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periods of sino-auricular. rhythm. The dotted straight line shows the periods
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chairman of the Peer Review and Professional Evalu-
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tortuous, inelastic, with their calibre gravely diminished
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angina pectoris, and died suddenly from latter disease.
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01% of patients discontinued therapy due to anemia.
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and mopy, complains of various ailments — some of
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into the aorta at the commencement of the descending
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fr. epi- + temnein to cut — more at tome] (1520) 1 a : a
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19. Freund, E. : Wien. klin. Rundschau, 1895, ix, 49.