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the one syphilitic and the other non-syphilitic — the
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antiseptic treatment of typhoid fever. Med. Rec, N. Y..
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by previous custom, and by the example of most Pharmacopoeias; still we know
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At 10 a.m., Oct. 11, 27 cc. of toxic proteose solution were injected
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codeine is equally beneficial, and in some respects enforces
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Etiology. — The specific infectious agent exists in the lesions and in
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Calumet J. E. Luce, Chilton G.P.MeKenney, Stkbridge
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ter, of middle age, while at his work, was seized with coma and convul-
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is also possible that the fat may be eliminated, as such, from the body.
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and lakes, where malaria exists. In British Guiana, we have
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that sometimes Spiritual Evolution teeters on the precipice of
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exosmosis in the course of the lymphatic vessels ; it increases
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form of the disease. It follows from this fact, in connection with the
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more energetic and more prolonged reactions (so to speak)
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Celli, Canalis, Bignami, and others have endeavored to put under
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it is clean, but in the surgical sense of the word it is not clean. But
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stition upon this subject The older ideas of demoniacal
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" literally mauled," and we both felt that the old man would