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period of observation should be 23 days. (3) The isolation
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struck it, and at the same time it was rotated somewhat to
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seven and one-half inches, 129 pounds and 220 cubic
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is only by pursuing this course that the medical man can acquire readily and
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responsible for the immediate results. Some surgeons
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result being that some patients turned up at another hospital, and there
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previously noticed, had disappeared. She soon left the
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Read be/ore the Pai]u>hgiced Society of Philadelphia,
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It is quite possible that the accused had not caused the death of the deceased,
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rhonchi are frequently heard. The comb gradually turns blue.
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For one symptom we can give a more definite explana-
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chance of succeeding in Medicine, although it by no means
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non -crepitant and engorged posteriorly and inferiorly, presenting a mottled appear-
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the opposite vein, or of a femoral vein. It shows herein
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rise to the formation of hernia, to prolapse of the bowel, and to invol-
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distension has taken place. The wound produced by such a
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speaker, but always spoke to the point, with practical good
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circulatory efficiency. 'A difference of 6 to 8 points between the
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sea-side hospital will be opened at the same time. Last
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cases of hip-joint excision, and remarked that his aim was to show that the ope-
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the prodigious rapidity with which, in instances like these, the absorb-
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time. On the following day, provided the phenolsulphonephthalein has dis-
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rapidly and thoroughly with water. Fuchs recommends drop-
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Hospital Instruction. Students of the fourth-year class are required to
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was all on one side of the body. I therefore much prefer the
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has at one end a receiving cylinder, and on its anterior surface a sliding
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will become un tit for food, especially for babies, by im-
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detriment of home institutions. For this reason they have at various
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The character of the pulse varies in health, not only in diffe):ent
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accidentally discovered by a nurse who called attention to it.
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Description. — The largest fly of the family Taban-
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that ought to have been done, or anything done that
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seven tents and fifteen barracks have been sent with
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possess a Diploma in Surgery, or a license to practise it, as well as a Degree