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positive even when stronger dilutions of 1 to 10 or 1 to 100 were used.

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been found in the muscles of various other animals, viz., eels, cats, rats

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death showed hypenemia of the brain and lungs, the cavities of the heart,

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and feeble, irregular pulse, will require, instead of the above, a

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We can hardly throw aside the great amount of testimony as to the favo-

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is large, blood to the amount of a mouthful may be ejected with each cough,

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caoutchouc in solution, was then distilled, when the rubber was finally ob-

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uncooked form, and when moistened with the saliva is

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at Louviers, Auxoiuie, Toulouse, and La Haye Dupuis. In

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sions, with hallucinations of sight and sound. Expression listless and

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argument in its favor, from the absence of bile in the stools, is

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in the formation of the thorax. The ribs, being softened, yield to the

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and often with prisms of six faces, composed of the primitive dodeca-

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I not contagious and generally not fatal unless they

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remedies which will destroy these young infecting cells,

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commercial source of most of the substances employed as medicines,

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which convert it into methajmoglobin. Dr. Hayem ar-

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opacity of the membrane itself; but upon examination it is

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ciation when I say that we most heartily and sincerely appreciate Dr.

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there is reason to suspect that some of it has been faecally con-

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is yet a court that has its powers exactly defined, and the limitations of its

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were normal and contractile. A free skin incision was made and a piece of

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not be the cause. Was it not rather -due to tubercle

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Diagnosis The distinctive features of relapsing fever are such as to

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matters, in the dry distillation of wood. It is quite

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time of the boy's death, which took place about a fortnight after the bruit

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Da Costa's Surgery. A Manual of Modern Surgery. By J. Chalmers Da Costa,

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Health, has isolated this poison from samples of milk

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redness ; on the fifth, a distinct vesicle is formed, having

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that they occur more frequently when the stomach is empty need occasion