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was alive for some time after twelve o'clock that night. It was further

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3600 leukocytes per cmm), while in the patient who recovered the

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that their failure to confirm his results was due to defective chemical

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I hope you will well understand, therefore, how it is that

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the horizontal position. Astringent washes should be employed to

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agents ; and the marked difference between their action and uses, and

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few hours later. At the post-mortem examination a vast subarachnoid hemorrhagic

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father died of inflammation of the chest ; her mother is still alive, and

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Carlsbad salts or sodium phosphate or similar salts in hot water should

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lueasure its length by the continuation of pain, or by

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The power of repair is almost nil. and death \ the elasticity of the arteries is at its maxi-

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considerably less in the five stems on the right with the reduced leaf

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the use of medullary narcosis as a means of making a

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health of the worker? Shall it be force, persuasion or suggestion?

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increased in size and hyperiemic ; its parenchyma is somewhat denser,

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As purulent leucorrhoea usually depends on an alteration of

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called, on the afternoon of Feb. 9th, to see a little boy, 7 years

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information for those fiducial points on the patient's surface. How to correlate these two

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" valise equipment " was adopted in its stead. Dr Myers laid especial stress

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10-00— Male and Female Locks. 11— Securing Locks for 10-10. 12- Net.

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where we have a fecal fistula opening so high up in the bowel as to

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ment three men and one woman suffering from fistula

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group these various lots of cheese under three different types, as

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geon-General Sternberg, the expedition had joined for

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alkali is the carbonate of ammonia. It is frequently es-

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having been reported, and these within the last three years. Of these

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of marked impairment of reserve power. In the non-pregnant

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temperature to 103°, 104° V., or even higher. The rigor may be slight