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Assoc. — 17. Magnan. Progres mid. — 18. Morin. Rev. med. de la Suisse. — 19.
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5. Observations point to the fact that immunity to dis-
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combining physiology, pathology and hygiene, and written popularly in the
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skin is dry and anaemic, and the perspiration is deficient. In some patients,
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Examination (February 3, 1911) showed a suppurating fistula
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Contact: Edward Rubenstein, MD, Associate Dean for Postgrad-
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many as 50 patients' names appear in the book bs anxious
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belief, the injections cannot " protect the tissues
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communicate the disease to his oflTspring, without producing any external
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Fandangulum tops and seeds, correspond to the top or superior portion of the
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Art. 260. — A Case of Pelvic Tumor ohBtructing Delivery,
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one at Florence, and others. That of Berlin has the
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coming from the stomach, and the alkalinity is overpowered.
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study which, be assured, is, after all, the one best qualified to lit you for
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tact with the inflamed surface and gradually melt at the
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the leading medical men of London was successively refused admit-
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replenishment of tissue stores of these water-soluble vitamins. STRESSCAPS meet
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an abundance of clinical material and offers ample facilities
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Passions are beginning to elevate as healthful, tobacco-free environments
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the patient needs much persuasion to consent to it. I do not
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ing only fine particles of roll. Other food remnants
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< and especially the attempts of a specialist to
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minute since October 11, 1899; respiration, numbsr of in-
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prognosis. The patient died nineteen hours after re-
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1 Vide Archives Ge*enerales de Medecine, Mars, 1867.
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the other ; one suffering with parapl^a will shuffle the feet slowly along
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Frederic S. Lee, No. 437 West Fifty-ninth Street, New York,
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little," and contents himself with referring to the termination
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the " gluten-cells " become so separated from the true bran dur-
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back considerable pain was evinced. On examining the animal's
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Dr. Martin Steinthal, of Berlin, the Neslor of the med-
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