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inches long was made downward from an inch above Pourpart's

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Physical Diagnosis, Laryngology, Ophthalmology, Medical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Materia

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merous researches made subsequently by us, and by many

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a change from one variety to the other, but that in either variety there

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and daily exercise, (not violent or beyond the strength of the patient, so as

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only means are to secure a vigorous digestion, and to bring back the full breathing of the»,

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within a few weeks or months afterwards, and to charge the p]iyNiii:iii

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sense of constriction behind the sternum, coming on soon after the injections

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14//;. Condition very much the same for the last four days : pulse 120

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first day she was awakened with a sensation of straining,

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Leipz. u. 15erl., 1888, xiv, 321. Also: Berl. klin. Wcbn-

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the chemistry medal, was Representative of the Di Society and Marshal

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patients, we will assume the standard — that 50 percent are

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fests itself in the pulmonary form, that is to say, consumption

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gives no responses — the cochlea shows absence of all function, and

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small space, a very active large blister will generally absorb and carry it forth-

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hold the convolutions together for the purposes of localiza-

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absorbable material, and different forms of pins. The placing of the suture

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fluent ; but even tfhen, the outline of the confluent scaly space is

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After a time, the sedative and mildly astringent solutions may be of

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these symptoms are observed, the medicine is continued with-

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the next generation, if not insanity, then sible, in the same way as the majority,

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ized tenderness, and the usual symptom complex of peptic ulcer.

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cleidomastoid; this was a deformity difficult to correct.

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scopic report it was difficult to be satisfied. He did not know

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Four days, general abdominal pain, localized in the

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He was given fifteen doses of 0.9 gm. neosalvarsan and thirteen doses of

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quietly three or four hours, when, if the medicine has not

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The business being completed, the members and visiting doctors repaired