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Australasian colonies, while 45'52 per cent, were natives of the

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few clays. They may persist, though after a time in

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proper blood-supply to the terminal branches of the

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620 MISSOURI MEDICINE/September 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 9

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intraspinal salvarsanized serum ; and in group 3 are those cases in

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have said, beginning before the operation, may continue

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10017. Telephone (212 ) 573-8484. Deadline for filing of applications is Oc-

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it for details. Many illustrations add to the value of

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themselves show that, as Dr Bastian would say, the condition of

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occurring in the blood of the internal organs (spleen, bone marrow,

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erythema nodosum), gives a certain plausibility to this

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yoke-shaped does not occur in my article. On the fourth

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I will begin vfith the adidt, in which the glands are both smaller

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number being attacked at one time. The mother had had chorea when a child,

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large bloodvessels of a very dark, almost purple color," and ascribed

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be given to the above preparation—" CHLORODYNE," (TOWLE'S.)

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On the Employment of Chloride of Zinc in Diseases of the Ski?i. By

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Sequard refers the pains to an accumulation of carbonic acid in

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is large, blood to the amount of a mouthful may be ejected with each cough,

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operators of the largest experience are often unable to

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heavy character, but sometimes occurring in sharp twinges, shooting to the left sca-

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complications or early recurrence, &c. The published records

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The most marked changes are in the head of the bones (indicated by arrows).

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lave arisen in the minds of the authorities on this point, and they submitted

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a large quantity of serum. Such cases are generally secondary to ascites. In

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tacks of neuralgia in that foot. About two weeks be-

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prognosis here is good. (2) Cases in which the disease may

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pericai'ditis occurring during pyjemia, puerperal septicemia, variola,

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For the relief of spasms and epileptiform convulsions bromide of

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leu years of his life Br. Tuttle spent the winter months

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ciation has obviously done a good thing in appointing a commit-

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its base turned upward and backward, and extending from

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agent as often as the success attending its applica-

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the point that quinidin is notably a cardiac depressent in the sense that

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muscles to aid in balancing the weight, and the great toe is