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bright border, consists of the protein substance that was combined

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layer of the prepuce is very closely applied to the glans, and in

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obtainable in the dry state or not. I have tested this point. Normal

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fiebre tifoidea. Pev. de med. y cirug, pract., Madrid, 1894,

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(ileo-colitis) may occur at any point in the disease, but are especially

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a mother who did not suckle was the exception, abortion

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Section I append a Table in which it is shown by the Kegistrar-General

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terized by a rather violent headache, vertigo, and cerebral vomiting,

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breathing, swallowing, and (with gray matter in the pons) the

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theria the past three months with antitoxin, showing

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Case I. — A man, aged over 50, with a large fixed goitre, believed to be

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colouring matters are treated with ammonia, some, such as cochineal, logwood,

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moner it is among medical men, as among laymen, that at

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the Homoeopathic Medical College lately established at Cleveland.

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parts are flexible and when their deformities can be over-

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appearance. The edges were then brought together by means of

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instrument the epiglottis is invisible and the anterior commissure of the

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phthisis depends in part, at any rate, upon a frailty trans-

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the inhabitants of certain countries, like Germany and Bavaria, in which

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and acute hepatic failure have emerged. Because of these

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therefore precluded from treating these patients. Eventu-

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ileocecal artery. The vessels supplying the appendix traverse the meso-

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compression of the portal vein, and cancer. Perforation occurs frequently,

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was unaffected by the contagion. Dr. Mead relates that " a certain

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the universe were to be found in London ; during a twelve-

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rial elements of which minerals, plants, and animals consist. (2.)

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Dr. Emory Lanphear, of St. Louis, said the chief evidence in favor

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months. It does not necessarily follow that because a Guinea

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less hand of time cannot efface nor destroy. So with the literature

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many of the milder cases a cure is effected in a few weeks.