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Dr. George Dock: An x-ray plate should always be made when
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proceeded distally, appearing only in those parts of the new
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of the irregular practitioners. Some affection of the Uver
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requirements of your practice simply won’t fit the
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Orr, P. B., Asheville, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1901 1901 1904
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Koeberle, Schroeder, Keith, Billroth, and of hundreds of
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Student Assistance Program § Homeless Outreach Program
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In the matter of intestinal irrigation, the use of depura-
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in this countrj'and especially in this city, where proper
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As TO Smoking. — Sir Morell Mackenzie concludes an article
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trocnemius; thence it descended to the outer ankle and outside
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little abdominal tenderness following the attack. These attacks are surely
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upon a definite structure of the protoplasmic molecule. He holds
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Your Committee on Obituaries has been able to collect the names of
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owned that the broad distribution of this condition was less
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a temperance drink. He had found in one glass of rasp-
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as " leathery creaking " along the inner edge and over
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matter, sample copies, and your exchanges. If you do not use a mailing machine,
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tive surgei-y be carried ? To preserve teeth as long as they
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exhaustion. Very pale, white look. Sensation as of a stone in the sto-
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Geoffrey Keynes, the bibliographer and editor of Blake, Pare, Donne, and others.
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of podophyllin* must be given, and until the operation
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ing for power" cannot be considered an essential function of a
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elderly subjects.’® White matter hyperintensities may re-
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notice of the Westminster Medical Society by Dr. Rogers, last year,
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general paralysis — arose from an observation of his innumer-