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formed rapid dilatation in many cases, and produced

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training schools for nurses, which does not include all the Poor Law infil

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spinal disease improved in general health and had less suppuration.

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nearly complete, as the patient had left her bed, was interrupted on Nov. Ist by a relapse,

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the distal end of the umblical cord, while the vascular ventral string or

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fear of sudden death. A fairly large dose gave com-

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enlisted men manage the rebreathing machine, make air analyses,

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was affected by tumour. In Ackermann's case there was character-

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of podophyllin* must be given, and until the operation

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very foetid odour. Incision in neck dressed. Spata still containing

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in a quart of water. Blue. — Add to the water as much sulphate

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morbid cause. It is conceivable that when goitre has existed in a family

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tirely to the right of the median line. The entire left

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lightheadedness, malaise, or overstimulation may be

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colour. These granules do not, however, give the usual chemical reactions

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effect J and, consequently, that this supposed origin of the oph-

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For a considerable time past I have been collecting evidence

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tagion of its constitutional manifestations as easy as has been aflirmed, the nine-

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large quantities, as are compatible with the hot- water treat-

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to be used, is applied to the diseased spot, the negative electrode being applied to

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catarrhal inflammation has accompanied the attack or occasioned it.

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ing thoughts, feelings, and views. The individual minds which have made the

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cases, no one can doubt that, and I think the question now to be considered in

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cornua, in the lateral and posterior columns of the cord, but the

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that it is further from acting as a whole in the in-

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causes a reflex stimulation of the intestinal motor nerves. This gives

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group these various lots of cheese under three different types, as

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my of Dupuytren owed its characteristic cynicism and appearance of

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tion into the blood, but also to extract toxin from cells

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will be readily understood that lesions (especially

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d'Hyff.' 1857, voi. 1, p. 432.) Common phosphorus is poisonous m dose?

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flicted on the alveolus in their extraction. The disease is

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