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there is plenty of scope for judgment in prognosis in older or aged

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James Begbie, M.D., Edinburgh. — Dr. Begbie does not refer, in

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and from the mucous membranes (gastro-intestinal, vaginal, nasal, etc).

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tion in that system. The same primary symptoms present themselves

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when taking diluted milk. A weak "humanized" milk may

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on the cantle or after part of the saddle, and making a mo-

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previous hot applications. The facial expression was anxious,

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retreat either by order of the magistrate or on the

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ferments, such as diastase (amylase) galactase, lipase, lactokinase,

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among thirteen cases there were only three in which neither increased dul-

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stowed upon other branches, that which had been bestowed

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eases was equal to more than 22 per 1,000, while from

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has occurred as to whether, among Infusorians, there is a union of sexes

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Since January i, 1902, forty-seven new cases of insuffi-

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red blood corpuscles and leucocytes may be found inside the

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ether. Mr. Faraday has continued the inquiry ; and, accord-

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widely and how deeply we should cut in the prophylactic

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by autopsies. In no instance have I found them to dis-

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intermit their use after they have been continued for a short time. This

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Chordee is liable to arise during the progress of chancre,

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been slow, becomes more frequent, the temperature may rise, the pupils

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tion may make the results inaccurate. The blood is sucked up into the capillary

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fore, with undisguised regret, to an a])])eal to further inquiry, and moved that

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it with complete relief. In closures of the vagina from injury.

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place in the College of Physicians' * Nomenclature.'

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For these reasons, I salute the FDA for its courageous and long-awaited effort

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sufficiently powerful to draw together such number? of \isitors