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with a high mortality: a precipitous and rock-bound coa.st, having kw
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tissue was two inches thick, and in a semiputrid pulpy state, of a dark
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intcmpeiance, insanity, and crime. This is not the only connection to be
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act as foreign bodies. — Dr. MuRCHisoN said that the results recorded
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lorised in nature, and how by artificial means. — Gaseous Poisons. Posi-
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sive heart-disease forbad lithotrity, as patients h.ad lost their lives whilst
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there is the high probability (amounting almost to certainty) that the
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of the York Asylum, Dr. Needham, discusses a question of some im-
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study in medical schools. It might be that Professor Huxley objected
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promptly. — Members of Branches, and all others who usually receive
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Scarlet Fever. — During the ten years given on the chart, there were
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published statement of Mr. Lister on the matter, and also of Mr.
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The Certificates in each case must be transmitted to the Registrar at
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5, 6, 7. Hospital Scholarships, value each £10, for proficiency and
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more or less pain, in most cases followed the operation ; these, how-
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it were a peculiar position, a singular position, or whatever name they
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Caffraria he never lacked a subject for his anatomical researches, as he
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Cerebral Congestion, Headache, Indigestion, Bile, IlyEMORRHOiDS, etc., etc., by augmenting the peristaltic movement of the
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health-officers ; and that they be paid for such sanitary duties on a scale
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sult, I find that all pretty well agree as to the connections of the par
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is most desirable that Dr. Brady's hands should be strengthened ia
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six months in the Clinical Study of Diseases peculiar to Women ; and
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latina ; and, in obedience to orders from his parents, he returned home,
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credit the statement that S3 percent, drink buttermilk, having supposed
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This year, more (clat than usual was given to the event by the holding
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took part in the ceremonial attending the laying of the foundation-stone
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arranging the details, and it is expected that the collections will be
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clinique of the Maternity Hospital by the addition of the large experi-
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hundred are annually capped. In the latter, the surgical teachers are
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