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Clinical Surgery in the Medical Department of the University of Buffalo,
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arabic mucilage. The author has made experiments on this point, injecting
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2. The same observations apply to abscesses resulting from suppurative
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syphilis ulcerations frequently appear in the rectum, which are
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man ? Or will deny that this has not happened directly as the result
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Compare the above illogical procedure with the French method
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of an independent Legislative Bureau at Albany to represent all
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From the greater amount of lymphoid tissue usually deposited
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We have, then, a tSressing which would seem to combine all the essentials
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paralysis date from the injury of fifteen years ago.
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insanitary circumstance. But, apart from the etiological value of this
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the patients themselves or the fault of the attending physicians. It may be the
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inaccessible pneumonia, is a very valuable suggestion, and will
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the anus is the seat of a complex and highly specialized sense-
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minister pills, practice surgery and yet neglect the only means by
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is so far advanced as to make its removal impossible.
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Early in February each physician in the United States exclu-
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replacement of one or more of the molecules of hydrogen in an alkyl com-
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2. Goddard says, "These tests of Binet and Simon . . .
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point is important enough to demand more attention from oper-
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impart renewed tone to the muscular elements and stimulate the