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suffering from bronchitis and an attack of nephritis of an

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would or could be adopted. Every thing portended evil. The

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statements made by authorities that tuberculosis of the kidney

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The stomach can be studied from different views, and I

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The condition of the brain might have existed without pus in the

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pletely the indication refeired to in the recent valuable

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gauze. The usual treatment of fresh air. sunlight, etc, is-

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disease of the heart, &c. and these are the cases where I had an

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canal as dysentery, diarrhoea, and h^ematemesis ; while cerebral

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being about the tenth. Of the cases 24 recovered after being

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On the 24th, absorption so far proceeded that there was a

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months' foetus, a male, the bladder, which was distended with clear,

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tensive airections than the present one are perhaps frequently

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was evidently made worse and was probably the cause

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a considerable extent involved in the disease, the first incision was made about

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August 7-12 Medical Ethics. Seattle. Mon-Sat. Contact: U/W.

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found two fingers' breadth above the umbilicus, the head upon the right

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without number : — ^the discovery of local inflammation being at times the

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woman, who, dying, had left him a widower with several

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that in some rare instances of pulmonary mkma, it may be heard

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of the sick man, as in the test tube, like causes under like

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Emilio Rodriguez Valdes, Jr., M.D., graduated from the University of

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The wound was filled with granulations, rather pale and flabby.

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speaker had never seen any other method of operation used in

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a sanitary expert. Prne. Nat. Ass. Master Plnmliers,

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the right side, the child could be distinctly felt. The abdomen appeared

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with very great difficulty owing to the infiltration. This was

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so that its vertebral border projects backward and appears winged.

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grade of biliary obstruction ; it is at first enlarged, and on section the

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wakes up again and runs a similar course, the relapse

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cess has begun, it tends, slowly often, but surely, in the way

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form of rheumatism, inflammation of the bladder and kidneys, and

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there supersx*nes a rapidly-failing pulse, and the patient dies.

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time, but made the temperature curve follow what would

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coarse anatomical lesion of either heart or lungs. 4. That

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