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somewhat similar condition. Careful urinalysis discovered the presence of oxalates
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Acute Dilatation of the Stomach in Pneumonia. By M. H. Fussell, M.D. 49
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Jahresb. (1895), 1896, xxxii, 21. — Reynolds ( D. S. )
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patient is stable. A tangential excision that leaves the lower
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is already dangerously vagabond; its safest locality is in a joint or
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place the patient 5 or 6 metres from Snellen's distant test-types, and find,
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presented by Dr. Bullock, and am very ^lad that he has presented the
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from the arm, and the cold douche applied to the head. These measures
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roots, and the sympathetic and splanchnic nerves. It is conjectured to be by an
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and this merely to explain an occurrence which has doubtless tended to excite some
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The clothing during the day should be warm without being
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inflammatory process involving the iris and ciliary body.
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that even should the patient rally, I did not think that
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ried a child to viable age. One woman had miscarried 6
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respects, and that was Fabry, better known as Fabricius Hildanus, who
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of micro-organisms has brought to light no living germ
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manner the differential diagnosis of neck masses, with
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and ulceration of the os and cervix uteri, which ac-
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life, the regular use of sponge or shower bath, regulating the diet to over-
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restore its normal distensibility or calibre, and it is to
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in the greater quantity of globules, and the much less quantity of
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process, distinguishable from degeneration of the nerve fibres that excites it.
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men from the shore depots to the fleet, which entail
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to their lives, and this is a fact which we must of course
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not to Mr. Radcliffe, of whose remuneration I know- nothing.
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Topography of cerebral convolutions.- — Before leaving
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withdrawn by the navel-string happening to be twisted around
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other times the objection takes the form that if the insanity
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There may be more or less constitutional disturbance, with headache, rapid
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rhoea, by invigorating the general fyllem, and producing a
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on their symptoms and effects, until I come to their
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