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gestion of the conjunctiva ; and the cornea is almost al-
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complex form of the disease, of which we have to speak later. Moreover,
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Antinioniufn''€rudufn.—Di^ha,rge of mucus and of blood at every
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to a considerable extent, took place during the delivery, but ceased very
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— Ulceration of the paralyzed fingers. — Contraction of the fingers.
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which doubtless may have added something to the effect of the chinoidine."
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plodes. The combination of iodide and prejiarations of
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cocaine was dropped upon the surface of each eye tliree
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lietf have never seen a case in their hospital work. One of them has
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reacts very readily, and is able to resume routine duties within a
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deed, we are quite satisfied that were Democrites to rise from
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showed, the coin lying flat upon the vocal cords, which were en-
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the patient regains the natural quantity of blood (if the predisposition is
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is at least not inferior to paternal forms of government
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side by a thunderstorm, on the other by a whirlwind ; and as the parties
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changes of slow development and unattended with inflammatory pro-
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Whereas, It has pleased God to remove our late colleague,
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Intestinal Obstruction, by Dr. Avery Segur, of Kings County ; The Man-
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are most characteristic, viz.: the ash-coloured, puriform and ver-
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smaller tumor was found on the left side. The patient had missed