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position to this peculiar form of disease. The predisposition may consist
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ticulars, particularly as pointing out the real explana-
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In order to carry out these measures the country was divided into
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definitely separate types of venom, one of which may be called the colubr ne
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of yaws is worse in children than in adults, whereas
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suggested in the treatment of a great variety of diseases. The Dublin
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After many trying difficulties I succeeded in passing
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to determine the source. Simple enuresis is purely a nervous trouble.
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marked difference in the movement of the two sides. (5)
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tian Science usually seem to outweigh its allurements.
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mented upon a 55-year-old man “frequently subject to
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11. The claims made in advertisements for the article shall
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greedy for gold, undertook to sell out the regular profession,
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When the mouth is severely affected, antiseptic washes and sprays
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equally quickly. I want my way, you yours ; but we soon find
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Statement of mortality for the week ended July 9, 1904, compared
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It has already been shown anatomically that the so-called
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The superman is so because of his supermind. Some wag has
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sister of one of our well known physicians, recovering
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and can set the solid mass at liberty. In this respect frogs and
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observation. In another case it occurred repeatedly throughout
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regard to the functions of the cerebrum. The view of the functions of the cerebrum advanced
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■\Vith regard to the excess of carbon dioxide, which is four per cent,
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lands and Islands Medical Service Board, and the Department