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the pubic region should always excite suspicion of the presence of crab
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In all cases there is a certain shock or injury, and this is followed
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vesication. Workmen who handle aromatic substances, such as the
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and ultimately breaking down. Physiologically it is known that the cell
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ence, tells me that children suffering from hip disease, who wake screaming
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(Veiel) ; parachlor-phenol crystals melted by a heat of 40° centigrade
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Ichthyosis — another universal skin disease — is sometimes found in
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had ringworm in the ordinary form. Cases of ringworm occur in
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paralytic dotage. This form of senile mania is the most frequent one,
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the tongue, pharynx, and larynx become involved, and the breathing may
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many frozen glass joints. Chill the joint in an ice bath, then
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its surface almost any species of micro-organism. Thus it is that the
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Celsus, that in purity and elegance of style he need fear no
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The only apparatus which is of undoubted and permanent use to the
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the peripheral parts of our bodies, and the cells of gray matter seem
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Digby, the knight whom his eulogists delighted to term "a
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Mental improvement is usually first manifested by increased power of
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lishing Linacre's college, which declare that heretofore a
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to impregnate gauze and wool, is perhaps of all the efficient antiseptics
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into sterile tubes or flasks, and allowed to clot in the ice box ; the
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areas of deeply pigmented skin. It may finally be mentioned that large
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ing to obtain possession of his body, and was not exorcism
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to the term, neither is it possible to give to it any exact definition.
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physicians, I trust that a perusal of Professor Horsley's chapter and my
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(2) In making burette readings the most important pre-
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in this country, as have Vidal and others in France. Hutchinson thinks
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ed, may become, before it is attended to, past the reach of
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must be mixed thoroughly by gently inverting the con-
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the sciences of medicine and theology in their initial stages ;
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breath moisture followed by a stroke of lens paper, as in cleaning
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Tar is sometimes of service. It may be combined with iodine, as in
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bring on emaciation, and the weakness of the patient, his hollow eyes and
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attack of influenza suffered from headaches and somnolency. He would
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quires to be filled, as well as nourished ; a continued course
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those of L. r. acuminatus, the removal of the scales (which is easily
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pleasant medicine, but Skeat quotes from Cotgrave's "Dic-
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Professor of Biology and Lecturer on Sanitary Science and the Public Health in the
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•planus in children, the well-known fact that most miliary papules on the
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identical with it, but the etiology of the condition is not the same. If this
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menstruation often profuse or irregular. The mental disturbance is worse
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this doctrine he mixed up certain mystic notions about the
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virtue and vice is a difference between plus and minus ; the difference
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many others have been recorded in this country and on the Continent.
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