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Action — Exemplified by the occurrence of Tetanus from injury, and of Con-
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and never cut, so as to admit the tube snugly, is then applied. Four
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surrounded by hay, in a boiler of cold water, over a slow fire ;
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other, and eating scraps of pork in houses or meat shops.
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Dr. Bischoff, speaking of the prophylaxis of gonorrhea,
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disease in a person affected with disease of the heart. Again, Dr. Cham-
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Department of the Army Supply Manuals, 8-4-6545-series.
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The cell-chamber method as employed by Fuchs and Rosenthal, and
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pyaemia, which may extend, continuously or with relapses, over
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downwards and inwards over the abdomen ; a few fibres crossing
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which are both reflex and idiopathic. In only five cases
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years of age. The pellicular or hsemorrhagic type or stage may
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areas. Spleen normal. Kidneys small, smooth, rich in blood. The left kidney
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and my own observations during its prevalence in tluitcountry,
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suggest that the reproductive effects of athletic amenorrhea
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more than fiiteen days and a probable incubative period of sixteen —