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pany, an action brought to recover damages for injuries sus-
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crasies of individuals. The theory adopted by most authorities is,
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A knowledge of these results has led to the establishment
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her right foot. It had been growing for fifteen years, and had
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which may tend to make it more readily comprehensible : The large
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than twenty grains of calomel, followed, in due time, if it does not operate
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became very distressing, especially in the legs. The
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taken ill after leaving, and had typhoid fever. A child was ill for a few
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sumptive tendency, and this notion is encouraged by the host of irregular
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is rarely any difficulty ; rigors, early elevation followed by depression of
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tube was swallowed immediately after the meal, and specimens
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nature of his malady beyond this, and the pain and ten-
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spaces, and hence the production of adventitious tissue. So far as my obser-
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until the term of the next occurring menstruation (more than
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Academy would contribute his share of the sum of $20,000 more,
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have been proceeded with, must fall to the ground ; be-
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not feasible or has failed. For the relief of very large
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upper margin of the cicatricial skin, which is thus Hberated, is at-
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distant in time or in place, the honor due their labors,
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mixed with barium sulphate or bismuth may be observed even better,
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liant discoveries of the nineteenth century; and so great is the desire
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more than any other cause of disease, its effects are variable,
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change from a dry. unproductive cough to a productive cough Hytuss is therefore useful
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seriously affect the pockets of the ratepayers. Although
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duty to express the conviction that, in our experience, the system alluded
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University has recently been completed, and formally
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Students may be examined in the subjects of the first part
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Reynal, and Jakob reported exactly similar cases between
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and robust individuals by exposure to cold, the author
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Royal Free Hospital, Gray's-inn-road. — Senior House-Surgeon.
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conclusion &s to the existing conditions. It is the fac-
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which is better sominex or unisom
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imder our notice in tlie Medical wards of this U-f V''«\;-^^"^
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(h) Hypermetropia. — In hypermetropia the retina lies in front of the
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case, thereby reducing the cost of the instrument to a
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would not allow them to associate with this woman, but
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under chloroform a prolonged attempt to reach the coin was made
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phatic tissue in the tonsillar region is not smooth in
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the same principles and methods are applicable as were recommended
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la for the antiseptic vinegar prepared liy M. PenuOs,