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in some time ; after the first page the hand-writing became bad.

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and voluntary communications, and their reference to the ap-

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edge of their causes, their mode of dissemination, and

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In Baltimore, in 1899, SOO dtathg were attributed to heart i

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portions of our largest cities, the sign of the doctor will

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instance, thionin. The granules are round or club-shaped and

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vessel. With this method, the wall of the vessel is not injured,

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should affect to include the lungs, heart and kidney is

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Tlie microscopic examination showed that when the tumor

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sary, i. e., the joint should not be allowed to bear"weight.

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medical graduates of other states, the non-uniformity of medi-

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improvement in technique, the greater rapidity with

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but were not followed by effective work in the rank and

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not stormy, and good feeding is an important addition ; without

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note on the results of the treatment of dysentery by salines, in

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and 0th D. removed; cord bent; no pulsation; compressing

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partially ciushed during its extraction. This was followed by

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3. Tbe Committee attempted to get Btatlstlca In reference to

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but also helped to drain many of the marshes, and con-

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general consent of the public in the hands of the all-round

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the microscopic findings in a still more recent case

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rise to the term quarantine — ^from quaranta giomi.

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months, and the icterus also disappeared in another month,

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subsidence, but showing a progressive enlargement. He con-

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part of them in the measurements. Both of these meas-

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the lymphatics and is conveyed to the general blood stream.

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are rare. Of course an injury may produce a laceration

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edge derivable from a study of morbid anatomy. Most

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followed by the administration of chloroform, caused the mus-

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pyioms into the intestines. Value of arosratvs (or diagnostiic

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Isabella, 4 cases ; Manatl, 1 case ; Ponce, 34 cases ; San Juan, S

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and the result is a confused jumble of provisions and

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reaching the aponeurosis rather to the inner side of the ring

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On the contrary, I have dealt with cases which ordi-