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tion has been clearly separated from the three affections just named, and the

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between the right lobe of the liver and the diaphragm, in

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Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc: Anatomical charts,

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of governing these activities, we are interested in studying.

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The tick is a true blood-sucking parasite, belonging to the

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Is medicine so debased that an M. P. — in this our province —

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icith the Descriptive Anatomy of the Heart. By John Hatch Power,

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ing a considerable proportion of the leucocytes which migrate from

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l aracffere des races huiuaineset I'avenir de la race blanche.

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and shoulders, the rump, sides, &c. It is accompanied by some

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matter in the ufual way, under the cuticle of my arm, but witli-

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m doses of 30 grs. ter in die at first, and later with less

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tage, though in no instance with complete success. Besides

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up 49 grams. He was, therefore, practically in a condition of chlo-

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the following year, 1583, as was noticed by an American student,

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portion of llagellum 10 /x in addition; the other less frequent,

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1889 Bentley, Aethue J. M., M.D., Mena House, Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt.

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faith and ideals of his youth has impelled him to the effort.

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About 10 extracellular trypanosomes. most of them attached to the

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as a routine, except in fibroids associated with definite contraindicating

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and the temperature, and upon no occasion had it any unfa-

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exciting cause being water-closet emanations, and that when, by

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of St. Thomas's Hospital. Mr. Adams believes the seton to be a perfectly safe

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and for whom and to what purpose. Robert Coles wrote

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now die from the ignorance of their mothers, from unhealthy environ-

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the first case, nor the result of irritation, as in the

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curred on the return from a ''jollification^ will strengthen the supposi-

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report upon this epidemic, by Dr. Panum, in the u Archives Gene-

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gave full action, when combined with the corresponding fractions of a

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that fever is the eflfect and not the cause of dis-

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paralyzed side. We have no satisfactory explanation of this circum-

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mors of the neck were secondary sarcomata. The kid-

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Aphasic Pernicious^Fever. — In this type motor aphasia develops

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The results reported in the present paper were obtained by estima-

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point ; for the mineral forms of silicic acid deposited

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erosions and fissures, or previously existing fissures may

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of an agent in the function of digestion; but this is not an appro-

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The fontanelle was normal throughout. At 4 years 2 months the figures were

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tracheostomy done elsewhere after a trial with CPAP (4 pa-

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was improvement. Two of his cases had purulent otitis; the treatment had a

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from the syringe before the injection is made, and none of the